”Jesus loves you”

Jesus is thinking about you, He wants a relationship with you, and all of His thoughts is about you. His thoughts is about your desires, your needs, and your future. His goal is for you to be more like Him. Read John 3:16 .

I felt like God said to me : ” Does your life look like the life of Jesus, will people see Jesus in your actions, your relationships and plans ? ” My thought next was ; Or does your life represent the worlds way of doing things or their life, their desires, hopes and dreams ?

I am not writing this to put anyone on a quilt trip, no, I am writing this because it is the truth ! We should have convection by the Holy Spirit , not quilt , because it is not of God .

I believe Jesus lived life to the fullest , always giving and laying down His life until His last day on this earth and even then giving His all !
Jesus is my mentor , my Hero , He is God !

No matter what the problem, Jesus and faith, trust and love in Him is the answer. I may never be the greatest anything , but I know the man that was, His name is Jesus , Emanuel (God with us) .

How do you tell people about Jesus , you don’t , You let Him tell them through you, through your life and when necessary use words .

I am praying that you will let Him love Him.

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