You can be healed~~~~NOW~~~~From any addiction

If you trusted what I said and I told you about a pill that could heal you from any addiction. I believe you would go to any effort or price to obtain that pill . Now I can’t tell you about such a pill , because I don’t believe there is one.

What I can tell you about is Jesus , He is our Healer ! No matter the addiction you can be healed, the same way you can be healed from any disease on this planet .

If you can receive and believe this , addiction is a sickness and Jesus came to heal all sickness . With that being said ; I believe saved or not , church going saint or a person living the fast life with one foot in hell, you can be healed.

Before you religious people count me out , read Mathew 8 or read about the multitudes that Jesus healed, was they without sin , a big no !

Because of the way God has dealt with my own addiction and how it worked in my life , I believe you should quite trying to quite on your own . I believe if you ask God to heal you and set you free and your honest about quitting , God will heal you.

Jesus is our Healer ! In the middle of my addiction I ask God to heal me and He did. Most of my addictions took years of healing , some was instantly . Some was before salvation , but I still believed God healed me and I gave Him the credit . When God began to heal me is when I began to accept Jesus as my Lord and Savior. Read Romans 10 : 9 & 10

Ask God to heal you, believe that Jesus is your Healer , no mater where your at with your addiction. God will prove His love for you by healing you.

For you that have known Jesus maybe for years and you are still struggling with a addiction ,I have a few suggestion for you. Read your bible ,and stop talking about how hard it is to quite and start talking about the word of God. Believe in the love of God that is freely given to you, Believing in what God says is the beginning of all healing.

May we all live in the healing and life God has prepared for us before we was born.

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