24 Hours in Heaven

A friend of mine left this earth yesterday at 8 PM . This mourning at the same time my thoughts was that he had been in Heaven for 24 hours. For the last few years my friend and brother in Christ had been battling with his health and living by himself. Today this is not the case, no he is at home , he has no health issues or other things we deal with here on earth. Sometime here on earth he got prepared to leave here for good , through believing in Jesus, and accepting His plan of Salvation .

Are you prepared ? We are spirit and our spirit never dies , he will leave this earth and either go to heaven or hell , The choice is ours , Heaven with God or hell without Him. This body will die , but the spirit man , which is who we really are, lives forever. My faith in God and in what Jesus did for me on the cross is true , I can believe it or not, but that does not change the truth . Jesus said : “I am the way and the truth and the life . No one comes to the Father except through me .”

My prayer for you is you do not leave this earth without Jesus.

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  1. Love it.. Amen

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