Hit and Run

God loves us~~~~He loves us so much~~~~Many times He allows us to ~~~~

Hit and Run, what does that mean you may ask ? It means that we run to Him with our problems and our concerns , and instead of spending time with Him we run back to our busy life .

I ask God ; LORD , I want more of you ! He answered , when you give me more of you , you will always have more of me . God wants more of us than our hit and run , God wants our attention , and when we spend time in His word , in prayer and meditation on the things of God , He has our attention . You see I believe when we believe in Jesus and ask Him to come into our lives , all of God , comes to dwell in us . But it takes faith to believe the fullness of God lives in us , we are new creatures in Christ , the old has passed away , all things have become new . Read 2nd Corinthians 5:17 and Ephesians 3:17 also John 14;23 .

I just believe God wants to spend time with us , letting us know about Him not us telling Him about things He already knows about us . When we love God with all our hearts mind and soul and strength , we have His love in abundance . He has giver us His Holy Spirit to know Him and be guided in the things of God .

In Romans 10;17 We know faith comes by hearing the word of God and it is impossible to please God without faith , Hebrews 11;6. So by spending time in Gods word He is spending time with us by His holy Spirit , and leading us in the things of God .

Tell God often how much you love Him and don’t forget to listen to Him telling you how much He loves you.

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