Open Bible

When folks are going through hard times and ask you too pray for them, the first step should be open your bible.

The bills are due and there is no money to pay them, open your bible.

Some one has offended me, I am so mad, I can’t quite thinking about it, open your bible.

Wow things are going great in my life could not be better, I think I’ll celebrate, open your bible.

Well I know what you religious people think, but I know better, I can figure this out on my own, open your bible.

By now your saying I got it , I  already know that, open your bible.

Many times in my life through drugs, alcohol ,and other self indulgence, I got to the end of my self.  The bible was all I had left and when I began to read and study the word of God , the love of God gave me hope, and I could go on. Much latter I learned to read the word of God often and keep the bible close and open .When this became a habit , I became aware of  solutions to solve my problems , before I got to the place of no hope.

God wants us to know about His way of doing things. In our life span we will never consume all the knowledge of God or His love for us.

In John 1, verse 1-5    This I believe is the reason I have changed my life by making it a habit to read the word. God reveals Himself to you in His word. God reveals Jesus and His Holy Spirit to you through His word.



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