“God breathed”

2 Tim 3:16        The Greek word, theopneustos , literally means “God breathed”.                                                  We can trust Gods word , the truth written by men of God , being led by the Holy Spirit of God .   When you speck the word of God , you are specking the truth.                                       When  we learn to line up our words , our specking ,  with Gods word we will have what the word of God says. When our life lines up with the Word of  God , we will be what God says we  will be.                                                                                                                                   When God breathed life into man , He created life for every human being, the spirit man. We are Gods breath in living form, so to speck. When we believe in the spirit more then the flesh or natural , we have life. Without the spirit the body dies, goes back to dust from where it came from.                                                                                                                              Please do not take my word  as truth , but read and  pray, see if this is truth. Do not be spiritual lazy, search the bible , ask God to show you Himself in His word. Leave comment on what  God shows you, thanks and God bless!!

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