Seek First…………

What is it  you  need ?   That sounds like a simple question , but  some times I don’t even know what I need .  The bible says that no mater what I need , I  need to seek God first,  Matt. 6;33  ” Seek first the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness , and all of these things shall be added to you.”   If you read just before that verse , you will see He is talking about our needs. He is also talking about worry, or trying to figure things out , by thinking about them over and over again.                                                                                                            Jesus is also saying as we might say today, I got your back, do it my way by seeking me first and I’ll take care of what ever you need.                                                                                      If we will make our mind up to believe what the word says, and do what it says , we will have what it says we will have .                                                                                                               Another  way of understanding the Kingdom of God , is doing things Gods way.  Jesus also said to seek His Righteousness, therefore we need to check our motive for wanting our needs met.   Our motive should always be to know the Fathers love and to allow  him love us .                                                                                                                                                                John 10;10    ” I have come that they may have life , and that they  may have it more abundantly. ”  The abundant life is seeking God first and having  faith in His word !   Faith is our connecting to God and His way of doing things, Faith is also believing  first then seeing , not the other way around. Most of us try to see first, then we will believe, well then where is faith, there is no faith in that type of thinking.                           I’ll leave you with this thought;  God is always wanting to add to your life ,  will you  let Him ?

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