I love you Jesus

How many of us are willing to say I love you Jesus?   Jesus spread his arms wide and allowed them to nail him  to the  cross , to say  to you and I , I love  you. Jesus was willing to be beaten and shamed for our sin, for He had no sin.

Many   years ago I began to say , I love you Jesus, and did not know if  I meant it or what  loving him was all about. Most of the time I would  confess  this when I  was alone , but over time began to tell others. This one thing has changed my life and now I know , that I know I love Him.

I always  knew Jesus loved me I just didn’t think he wanted any thing to do with me. When I began to tell Jesus how much I loved him, I realized his  love for me.

Saying  I  love you   Jesus , builds faith , the more you say it the more you believe it .  God said to draw nigh to him and he would  come near to us. Intimacy with Jesus is our goal , having him close in all  we do and say,  allowing him to be a part of our lives.


I don’t know what you may be going through in  your life , but maybe this will help, God bless!

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