Are we Spiritually asleep?

There is a natural battle and there is a spiritual battle. In Christ, we must build a spiritual force against saten that destroys his stronghold. In our personal lives first and then lead others to fight the fight of  faith in their lives.

Ephesians, chapter 6 verse 10 ; “Finally my brethren, be strong in the Lord and the power of his might.”    As I said before there  is a natural battle and there is a spiritual battle , this is the way we fight the spiritual battle.

As we read the bible we pray to awake to the reality of God and His word. saten with a little s is real and Hell with a big H is real. If the bible says so that’s good enough for me!  I believe we have all truth hidden in our spirit man and we need God to reveal it to us through His word and His people.

God is who He says He is !  saten is who he says he is not. We are all connected to each other  by  God .  saten’s lie is that  we are all disconnected from each other.

We must awaken to the Spirit, the reality of any given moment.  Most of the time we in our minds reliving the past or hoping for the future, never living in the present moment , which is the only reality we have.

I’ll  leave you with this thought , will you allow God to love you today and if not today , then when?

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