If you were looking for the truth, where do you suppose would you go to find it ?  Lets say that you were in a court proceeding and was  called to the witness stand , you would be asked to place you right hand on the bible and to sware to tell the whole truth , nothing  but the truth , so help you  God .

The bible here represents the truth, so I believe the bible is where you go to find the truth. Although some might say, that I have heard a lot of preachers disagree on how they  understand the bible and you have all of these different  translations , so how do you know what is true ?  I believe you have to rely on the Holy Spirit of God to give you understanding of His word .

We never will get a true understanding of the bible unless led by the Holy Spirit. The bible says that those that wrote the bible were inspired of God, I believe this means led by His Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit also gives you discernment, which is so important for the things that are going on in our world today.When evil is so rampant in our streets today, through Gods discernment we can have His protection.

In church , many years ago , I accepted  Jesus and His word as truth and received His Holy Spirit. At that time I did not realize that turning my will over to God  was a life time process, so continued to give in to old habits and temptations. I tried for many years to give God complete control of my life but did not have the power to do so. Paul talks about this in  Romans  , chapter 7  verses 15 through 24

Years later , in Acts chapter 2 , I discovered the baptism of the  Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues . This experience gave me Gods power to make Jesus the LORD of my life. More and more I began to be led by the Holy Spirit  and had more power to not repeat some of my earlier mistakes. The Holy Spirit gave me discernment that I never  had before and I could understand why God wanted me to do certain things and not to do other things.

My prayer for you and your family is to be baptised in the Holy Spirit and have Gods  discernment. If you pray this prayer too I  know Gods answer will be Yes.


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