The Battle

Our prayers are with those in Orlando Fl., we are praying that you know Gods love and that you allow Him to comfort you in this time of need.

I am looking for those that will join me and many more in an army that has been fighting for  a very long time and is now  beginning their last battle. This battle can only be fought in one way , more on this latter.

How would you like to fight  in a  battle that  you can not lose, we will win ,win,win every single time!   If  you   join us  in this army  you will be a soldier in the greatest army that has ever been or will be.

When we go to battle we will have the very best weapons , literally  out of this world, weapons that  can not and will not fail !  We will be supplied with the very best armor that can not be pierced .

We  NEED YOU !   No matter male or female, young or old, rich or poor , free or bound and no matter what religion , you are invited to join us .  I said early that their was only one way to fight this battle, you will instantly know this one way when I tell you  our weapons of choice :  Repentance,  Fasting ,   Prayer .  The battle we face today is Spiritual !

We have the greatest Commander and Chief that has ever lived on this earth and has never  or  will ever lose a battle. His name  Emmanuel , Jesus Christ  our LORD and Savior .

Read all about this in your bible : Matthew 1;23     Ephesians 6;10-18



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