“Connecting” “Fellow Shipping” or “What Ever-r-r-r ! “

Why would I want to write a blog? I think its a way to connect with people like yourself. Some how to me it seems like the internet would be a good way to connect or get to know other people or is it?                                                                                  I mean is it a good way to get to know people, because connecting on the internet really isn’t getting to know them, is it? Why some people even look for a best friend or a life long companion here in cyber world and on the social networks we call it connecting with friends . We share all kinds of personal information , we tell all sorts of stories about our lives or others and we go on and on about family and friends, when in reality we don’t know who we are talking to.                                                   So why write a blog? I want to connect to people  and have people connect to me , but stay in the reality that we don’t know each other only about each other. Is this possible  you might ask? I think so , but it will take some work for both of us. To start with we would have to make it a point not to ignore the real people we do know and let them in on what we talk about.                                                                           I well  also promise to be as honest as I know how and share whats on my mind and you in turn can share whats on yours or what you feel about what  I have written.                                                                                                                                           We may never meet in person, but my hope and prayer is that we both are a little better at living life by just spending time together.What you think , can we do this? Leave comment please , and don’t forget to have fun  !    Thanks for stopping by, Stan

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